Choosing the correct pillow

Choosing the correct pillow can prove to be a very difficult task.

Most people try the hit and miss technique. They buy and try as many pillows as they can until they find the pillow that they are comfortable with.

A common question that our patients ask us is, “what is the best type of pillow i should be sleeping with?”

We have people who come into our practice having tried all the different types and shapes of pillows out on the market. From latex to feathers, high height to low height and firm to soft.

And still they can’t find a comfortable pillow.

Incorrect spinal posture is a major cause of back and neck problems. A third of your life is spent sleeping, so correct sleeping posture is a must.

If your pillow is the wrong height, both muscles and joints will be affected. In some cases, incorrect head and neck positioning can even affect breathing and may be the cause of snoring.

When looking for a pillow, the first thing we advise our patients on is making sure the pillow is the right size and the right fit for you.

If you’re a side sleeper, then the best suited pillow for you is a higher pillow.

In side sleeping, the idea of the pillow would be to take up a significant amount of the space between your shoulder and your neck, so that it’s supporting your neck and keeping a neutral spine. If it is not, when you’re sleeping on your side and it’s too low, your pillow is going to force you to either over or under stretch and strain one side of your neck.

For those who sleep on their back, a lower pillow is better suited. A low pillow will assist in keeping your head fairly balanced in relation to your shoulder height. Because of this, we recommend to our back sleepers a contoured pillow; as the countered shape supports the natural c shaped curvature of your cervical spine.

The contour allows the thicker part of your head when you’re lying on your back to be in the contour and it also supports your neck without forcing you too far forward.

So there you are, that is a brief explanation on what type of pillows we recommend to our patients.

Ideally we specifically tailor our recommendations to our patients based on the results of a neuro-structural chiropractic examination.

If you are experiencing constant pain and discomfort through the neck and shoulders, then a neuro-structural chiropractic assessment may be of great benefit. A good pillow will only help if the structure of the spine is healthy and within normal limits.

Additionally, we also sell pillows in our practice which are not only endorsed by our practitioners, but also the many happy patients who use them.

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